What started as a joke...

Cereal Box Marketing

What started as a joke we laughed about enough that we thought we’d give it a try.  Some call it “Cereal Box Marketing” but we just called it being, Derivative. 

With each order we receive through our website, we’re including an item …a random item …a really really random item.  The item can be anything from free Derivative products to gift cards to re-gift cards to re-gifts.  We’re usually LOL when we include your item in with your order hoping to give you a good LOL when you receive it. 

When you receive your order, please take a photo in your Derivative Apparel with your random Derivative item and the look on your face when you first received it, then tag us @DerivativeApparel or email us your photo and social media handle at info@derivativeapparel.com.  If you notice another name tagged in the photo that isn’t you, chances are the item you received was a re-gift from that person …most likely my mom.

We’re not sure what you crazy kids are into these days and we’re planning to repost your photos so please make sure your photos don’t violate any posting policies …or laws.

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Why are you doing this?

Why not!?  We're a creative brand of creative people and creative marketing ideas. We're hoping to share moments of happiness and encouraging all of you to help share a smile and happiness with others you encounter in your daily lives because you never know who truly needs it. 

One man's LOL is another man's WTF.  ...we also thought it would be funny to start a #wtfw #wtfwednesday

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